Elder, Kevin Ohrenberger


Kevin Ohrenberger

Kevin Ohrenberger became an elder here in the spring of 1998, along with Dick Watt. They were the first elders in the Trumbull congregation in many years.

Kevin became a Christian in January 1978 after studying with a minister from the church of Christ in Lafayette, Indiana and with his future wife, Karen. They moved to the Long Beach, California area shortly thereafter and began worshiping at a wonderful congregation.

Kevin attributes much of his spiritual growth to friends in Long Beach who encouraged and challenged him to learn more about the scriptures. He recognized God’s hand in placing him in that specific place at that specific time because it was exactly what he needed to give roots to his faith. In 1981, Kevin and his wife, Karen, along with their baby, Mark, moved to Connecticut and found the Trumbull church of Christ. They were warmly greeted and, although a very different congregation from the one they left in Long Beach, they soon realized they had found a new home and church family. Here, Kevin found that there was a place in the church where he was needed. Although his faith was still young and he made many mistakes, his brothers and sisters continued to love, forgive and encourage him. He was blessed to work under the mentorship of John Cooper and Bill Hance, who both contributed greatly to his spiritual growth.

Now, nearly thirty years later, Kevin and Karen continue to work tirelessly with the saints in Trumbull. Both of their children, Mark and Kelli, developed their faith in God among this church family and continue to be faithful Christians. Kevin absolutely loves teaching the Bible, especially in a Sunday morning adult class, which he has taught for many years.

Favorite Verse:
Romans 8 and Ephesians 4



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